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W3-Schools Das neue SelfHTML (Norway) freeCodeCamp 100% free coding lessons, certifications: HTML, CSS, JS, RWD, Data Visualisation, Apis & Microservices (USA) The Gymnasium free courses: ResponsiveWebDesign, 3D Modeling4VR, Node.js, JS, jQuery... (USA) TutorialsPoint Big Data, Programming, Maths, SAP, Soft Skills, Sports, Management... (India) Codecademy Learn to code interactively, for free. (USA) Guru99 Learn to code for free. SAP, PHP, SQL, Big Data, Excel MIT OpenCourseWare University courses - Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds (USA) Udacity (partly free) online university by Google, AT&T, Facebook offers Nanodegree programs (USA) The New Boston Free Video Tutorials (USA) selfHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) seit 1995 - Die Energie des Verstehens - Stefan Münz (Germany) JREAM Programming Courses / partly free (USA)