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English Linguistics in Essen - The Linguistics Reference Guide by Raymond Hickey
Excellent explaining graphics of lLinguistic basics. Download of Sound files possible. Welcome to the online Linguistics centre intended for students of English at Essen University. This website provides an introduction to the essentials of Linguistics. It can be used in conjunction with an introductory course in Linguistics, any seminar on a particular topic or to jog your memory about language and Linguistics when you are preparing for your examinations (either intermediary or final). Th

Berliner Wörter A-Z (Uni Hannover)
Fuer alle Ur-Berliner und Zugereisten berlinerisch erklärt: Den Berliner Dialekt übersetzt ein Online-Lexikon der Uni Hannover. Hier finden Sie Erklärungen für Begriffe wie quatschen, Schrippe, Pachulke und Bulette. » Berliner Wörter von A bis Z aalen, sich (umgs.) sich rekeln, sich genüßlich ausruhen. »Inne Ferien wer’ ick ma richtich ausaal’n.« Aas (mnd. a?s) häufig gebrauchtes Schimpfwort. ’n ollet Aas, Aasbande, Aaskröte. »So’n reichet Aas, dit stinkt zum Him

WordOrigins.org: origins of works + phrases (Etymology)
WordOrigins.org: origins of works + phrases Etymology Welcome to Wordorigins.org. This site is devoted to the origins of words and phrases, or as a linguist would put it, to etymology. Etymology is the study of word origins. It is not the study of insects that is entomology. Where words come from is a fascinating subject, full of folklore and historical lessons. Often, popular tales of a word's origin arise. Sometimes these are true more often they are not. While it often seems disappointing

Worlds_Top10_Languages - The World's 10 most influential Languages by George Weber
Worlds_Top10_Languages - The World's 10 most influential Languages by George Weber TOP LANGUAGES The World's 10 most influential Languages by George Weber This article was researched by George Weber in the early 1990s and written up in 1995. It was first published in the now sadly defunct and still missed Language Today by the magazine's editor, Geoffrey Kingscott (a founder member of the Andaman Association), in December 1997 (Language Monthly, 3: 12-18, 1997, ISSN 1369-97

DoBeS - 6000 languages worldwide - most will disappear soon
DoBeS - 6000 languages worldwide - most will disappear soon DoBeS Programme Language Endangerment Currently there are approximately 6000 languages worldwide (many of them with a number of dialects). Following a UNESCO estimate, however, it is assumed that by the end of the 21st century, only one half - maybe even only one tenth - of these languages will continue to exist. DOBES Programme In 2000 the VolkswagenFoundation started the DOBES programme in order to document languages that are pote

Tsearch2 - full text extension for PostgreSQL - Volltextsuche
Tsearch2 - full text extension for PostgreSQL - Volltextsuche Tsearch2 - is the full text engine, fully integrated into PostgreSQL RDBMS. Text Search is integrated into PostgreSQL 8.3 ! Read official text search documentation. Donate ! Official part: * README.tsearch2 - Tsearch V2 Readme * Tsearch V2 Introduction by Andrew J. Kopciuch * Tsearch V2 User Guide by Brandon Craig Rhodes * Tsearch V2 Reference by Brandon Craig Rhodes * README.gendict - dictionary

GermaNet: lexical-semantic net (Uni Tuebingen)
GermaNet is being developed to serve as an electronic lexicographic reference database for German word senses. It is primarily intended to serve as a resource for word sense disambiguation which is crucial for natural language applications like information retrieval, the construction of various language technology tools and the annotation of corpora. order to meet these limitations, the current work is making heavy use of resources, tools, and experiences made at Princeton University during th

Usabilty + Eye Tracking (eye-square Berlin)
Usabilty + Eye Tracking (eye-square Berlin) Usability Duda, S., Schießl, M., Wildgruber, G., Rohrer, C., Fu, P. (2007). Linguistic Analysis of Websites: A New Method of Analysing Language, the Poor Cousin of Usability Proceedings Volume 11, LNCS_4560, ISBN: 978-3-540-73288-4. Schiessl, M., Duda, S., Thölke, A., Fischer, R. (2003). Eye tracking and its application in usability and media research. In: Journalausgabe "Sonderheft: Blickbewegung" in MMI-interaktiv Journal. ISSN 1439-7854.

Onomap: classifying people & places based on forenames & surnames
Onomap: classifying people & places based on forenames & surnames OnoMAP is a new way of classifying people and the places they live, based on our common cultural, ethnic and Linguistic roots. OnoMAP analyses common patterns of forenames and surnames using one of the world's largest databases of people drawn from 28 countries. The OnoMAP classification covers over 500,000 forenames and 1 million surnames, and most exhibit distinctive geographic patterning. Forename Surname

MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST 2009 - HipHop music from Germany
MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST 2009 - HipHop music from Germany StepIntoGerman EXPLORE MUSIC MADE IN GERMANY Popular music from Germany? From HipHop to pop? And all this in German? Is that possible? A few questions with just one answer: It is possible – and how! The German rock and pop scene has evolved dramatically over the past ten years. Much of what used to be unthinkable has now become normal. Now you can make music that has something to do with the lives of young people and the young fans un