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PayPal Web Services - PHP Toolkit 0.51
PayPal Sourceforge Project: PHP Toolkit 0.50 The PHP Toolkit provides a set of scripts that faciliatate the integration of PayPal into an ecommerce service. It provides scripts that generate a PayPal form dynamically as well as scripts to process Instant Payment Notifications. Resources and code samples for PayPal developers This project has not yet categorized itself in the Trove Software Map. Project UNIX name: PayPal Registered: 2004-02-18 22:45 Activity Percentile last week: 89

Apapi: PayPal PHP class: Account Balance
aPapi supports the following features: # Retrieve current balance # Retrieve current balances if account uses multiple currencies # Retrieve recent transactions displayed on your main PayPal page aPapi is a PHP class that simplifies getting your account balance and recent transactions from PayPal. It merely logs you in as your user and then scrapes the screen to get the data you want and need. I made it for a friend who needed to display the current level of donations they were receivi

WikiLeaksSpiegel - Freiheitskaempfer - Enthueller geheimer Dokumente
WikiLeaksSpiegel - Freiheitskaempfer - Enthueller geheimer Dokumente Die Enthüller Die Online-Plattform WikiLeaks stellt immer wieder geheime Dokumente ins Netz, doch über sich selbst gibt das Netzwerk kaum etwas preis. "In doubt we publish" heißt die Maxime der Seite - im Zweifel veröffentlichen wir. Das spendenfinanzierte Projekt gilt als schwer zensierbar, technisch wie juristisch. Freiheitskämpfer WikiLeaks-Website: Einige Web-Unternehmen verweigern der Plattform ihre Dienste Schü

Online Lernen mit moodle (Linux Knoppix Live-CD, Open Source)
Some important security fixes * Added strong URL validation functions. * Preventative measures against tampering of config settings. * Tighter input validation in Quiz, HTML editor and course edit. * More control over user's language settings. * Safer cleaning of HTML-formatted input. A few new things * New MP3 content filter with Flash-based mp3 player. * Better display of options in the Choice module. * UI enhanceme

iCommons - The OpenBusiness Guide
iCommons - The OpenBusiness Guide Does Copyright Matter? The traditional way of monetising content has been through copyright law. Compared to physical goods, it is difficult to ascertain the cost of producing information. Because, after these initial unknown costs have been expended, information can be reproduced at very low cost, the institution of copyright law – stated-granted, time-limited monopolies over the expression of ideas – has developed to help information generators exploit,

GambioGX - Open Source Shopsoftware - weiterentwickelter osCommerce/XT-Commerce Shop - PDF Rechnungen - StyleEdit
GambioGX - Open Source Shopsoftware - weiterentwickelter osCommerce/XT-Commerce Shop - PDF Rechnungen - StyleEdit eigenen Onlineshop - mit Gambio GX Entscheiden Sie sich jetzt für das Komplettsystem, das bereits über 10.000 Unternehmen seit langem erfolgreich nutzen! Sowohl Einsteigern als auch eCommerce Profis bietet diese Shopsoftware alles, was einen erfolgreichen Onlineshop ausmacht: Einfache Administration auch ohne Programmierkenntnisse Layout einfach anpassbar Komplett Suchmasc

Kiva - loans that change lives in the developing world - out of poverty
Kiva - loans that change lives in the developing world - out of poverty What Is Kiva? We Let You Loan to the Working Poor Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. The people you see on Kiva's site are real individuals in need of funding - not marketing material. When you browse entrepre

ZModeler: 3D modeler tool
ZModeler: 3D modeler tool Have been working on a support of soft-skin meshes blending recently. Creation of skeletion, vertex weight painting and preview of morphed mesh was the aim. This opens the road to characters creation and the first, I assume, will be FlatOut ragdoll support. PSM filter will also get an update and driver animation will be added. Discuss in forum 2 comments Posted by: Oleg Registrations now available 14.Apr.05 Registrations of ZModeler2 are

JAMENDO: Download Free Music (CC)
Jamendo ist eine neue Art für Künstler ihre Musik zu promoten, zu veröffentlichen und für diese bezahlt zu werden. Auf Jamendo veröffentlichen die Künstler ihre Musik unter den Creative Commons Lizenzen. In wenigen Worten: Sie erlauben Dir ihre Musik kostenlos zu laden, zu mixen und mit anderen zu teilen. Es ist eine "Some rights reserved" ("einige Rechte vorbehalten") Vereinbarung, perfekt zugeschnitten auf das neue Jahrhundert. Diese neuen Regeln erlauben Jamendo die immensen Mögl

XUL: XULPlanet - XUL Guides + Tutorials
XUL: XULPlanet - XUL Guides + Tutorials The XML User Interface Language XUL is a markup language for describing user interfaces. With XUL you can create rich, sophisticated cross-platform web applications easily. Thank you A very big thank you to everyone who has donated to our PayPal account. Webhosting Still Available We still have extra space on our server if anyone is interested in webhosting. The basic plan we have been offering people is $10 a month for 400 MB disk space and 10 GB