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Peer2peer - Peer-to-peer networking with browsers (JavaScript lib)
Peer2peer - Peer-to-peer networking with browsers (JavaScript lib) Peer-to-peer networking with browsers P is a small JavaScript library for creating peer-to-peer applications in browsers. It allows for transitive connections across peers which makes certain network topologies, such mesh networks, easy to establish. Specifically, with P you can: Establish connections to other browsers using a WebSocket server. Establish connections to other browsers using connections youve established to ot

WeBank - Peer2Peer Finance. Can people replace institutions?
webank - peer-to-peer finance. ungeeked. Can people replace institutions? While in the past web-enabled innovation in the sector meant online banking and web-access to front-end customer services, there is today a growing set of organisations which remove banks and other institutions as intermediaries altogether. This is the world of peer-to-peer finance. On January 21st 2009 there will be an eventing event will explore the trends, opportunities and risks that these new web-enabled approach

OFF System - Owner Free Filing
Numbers A computer file is simply a number. Normally it is a really big number, but it is otherwise just like any other number. It is one more then the previous number and one less than the next. We often think about it as a sequence of small numbers (bytes) or sometimes a sequence bits (ones and zeros). However, when you line these up in a sequence they form one big number. Imagine lining up decimal digits. When you line up the sequence of decimal digits; Five followed by three followed

The Ubiquitous Reed-Solomon Codes (by Barry A. Cipra)
The Ubiquitous Reed-Solomon Codes by Barry A. Cipra errors, and their non-man-made mistakes can turn otherwise flawless programming into worthless, even dangerous, trash. Just as architects design buildings that will remain standing even through an earthquake, their computer counterparts have come up with sophisticated techniques capable of counteracting the digital manifestations of Murphy's Law. What many might be unaware of, though, is the significance, in all this modern technology, of