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uni-tuebingen - Kurs PowerPoint (Axel Pratzner)
Kurs PowerPoint 97

S5 - SimpelStandardSlideShowSystem - web-based Presentation like PowerPoint (Eric Meyer/Ryan King)
S5-Fork: Web-based Presentation like PowerPoint (Ryan King) The current version of S5, available from the Mercurial repository, is not the same as Eric’s last version. I’ve made some changes. Please note that when I started making these changes, I was doing it just for fun and as a private fork. I’m open to changing any of them. First of all, the reason this all started– I added previews of the actual slides to the notes window. I say “the reason this all started” because I mad

Präsentationsgrafik mit PowerPoint Kurs

Slidemaker - PDF format slideshows
Slidemaker - making slideshows in PDF format Slidemaker is a utility for creating presentations in a very simple and time saving way. Presentations are saved in the highly portable and reliable PDF format, which can be viewed on nearly every computer. The main idea of slidemaker is that you first make a bunch of images with your favourite drawing programs. With Slidemaker you can then make a PDF file out of these image files. The end result can be presented with PDF viewers, like Acrobat Reader,

280Slides - create presentations browser-based
280Slides - create presentations browser-based Upload your existing PowerPoint presentations and we'll import them into 280 Slides, so you'll never need to start from scratch. Autosave & Recovery Losing work sucks, which is why a copy of your document gets saved every few minutes. 280 Slides will always restore your newest version. Take It With You We store your presentations securely on our server so you can take them anywhere in the world where there's an Internet connection. Download to

Mathe + Physik
Computer-Tipps für »Nicht-mehr-Anfänger« geniale PDF-Dateien zu allen Themen rund um MS Office - Wordkurs - Excelkurs - PowerPoint - MATHE-KURS - PHYSIK-KURS

ZEND + PHP5 (Zeev Suraski)
PHP: Into the Future # Ask the Experts a Question The PHP Experts answer your questions about the Zend Engine 2 and PHP5. * Zeev Suraski Presents the Future of PHP In this PowerPoint presentation, Zeev Suraski, one of the founders of PHP, delivers his impression of the future of PHP and the Zend Engine 2. Taken from his popular speaking tour, this presentation briefly touches on the history of PHP and then goes on to describe the critical new additions to the Zend Engine 2

Rease - Ease 4 learning units (Semantic Web)
REASE: EASE 4 learning units (Semantic Web) Welcome to REASE, the repository of EASE for learning units in the area of Semantic Web! REASE supports sharing knowledge for Higher Education as well as for industrial education in the area of Semantic Web and is open to any member of the academic or research community. This platform fosters collaboration among educators and researchers, allowing you To communicate with experts in your field To exchange Learning Resources To work together on

PowerPoint Einführung

Terrier- Suchmaschinen Software (Open Source)
Terrier- Suchmaschinen Software Open Source Terrier ist eine Open Source - Mozilla Public License MPL - Software für Suchmaschinen. Bereitgestellt und weiterentwickelt wird die modulare Software-Plattform von der Universität Glasgow. Der Name Terrier wurde abgeleitet von "Terabyte Retriever" und bezeichnet das Ziel, mit grossen Mengen an Dokumenten umzugehen. Zahlreiche Features sollen für eine hohe Qualität der Ergebnisse sorgen. Terrier wird als modulare Plattform zur Entwicklung von S